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YBA CONSULTING is a leading service Providing Company Offering services in Company registrations, LLP registration, Firm Registrations, Compliance services, Taxation services, GST Registrations and other secretarial services.

Our Journey

Our Company was started in the year 1981 as a proprietorship concern by Father Shri Y. Brahmanandam with the company name Y.B.ANAND & CO., Chartered Accountants and gave us a platform to work and give best services  and business solutions to all the entrepreneurs in various businesses, Since then we are providing our best and professional services to the industry.

In the year 2016 we expanded our business by converting our Proprietorship firm into a Private limited Company by expanding our Services and Team , our ambition is to provide the Best service in the industry to our clients, Maintain Professional ethics and integrity, and want to constantly learn and grow.

Meet Our Leaders

We Are Professionals


Y. Brahmanandam

Shri Y. Brahmanandam one of the main founder and Proprietor of YBA. YBA CONSULTING is a leading service Providing Company in hyderabad. TS
Managing Director

Y. Ravikanth

Shri Y. Ravikanth – Managing Director of YBA Consulting. We have since aid start & drive thousands of businesses by benefaction a range of business services.

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